Commercial Heating Manchester was contacted by the Manchester based home owners with the task to remove all the existing commercial boiler and plumbing systems and re-locate them into an out house. Because of the size of the property, a conventional domestic heating system would not have been adequate, this is where our commercial heating engineers were able to help.

The existing commercial heating and plumbing system was coming to the end of its life so it was decided to install new commercial condensing boilers with Wifi controls allowing the customer to control there heating and hot water from home or away when needed.

The customer was still living in the property and as works would take around 7 days to complete, and so it was important to complete the commercial heating system in stages. The new commercial Worcester Bosch 100kw boilers were installed on a low loss header complete with circulation pumps and filtration system.

The heating system was split into 4 zones allowing each floor to be heated independently along with the hot water demand. A new Worcester Bosch Greenstore cylinder was also installed, giving 500 ltr of hot water when required. The new commercial pipes were run all the way back to the cellar and then were ready to connect into the existing system.

One heating zone at a time was connected and then power flushed out to ensure the new commercial heating system was running at its maximum capacity. Once all connections were made, the new commercial heating system was ready to be commissioned.
The customer was extremely happy with the work provided, and had this to say:

The Milne Family- “Running cost have reduced by £80 per month and the heating system has never been so hot, controllable and reliable. Real great heating system and job completed. I can see why Worcester Bosch recommended you. Thanks”