​Ever since the introduction of the smoking ban in Manchester and indeed the Britain over 10 years ago now, there has been an increasing trend for heated outdoor areas.

The number of outside areas for pubs, bars and restaurants are becoming increasingly popular, and people are actually favouring establishments that have considered it’s patrons who provided a comfortable, warm outdoor environment.

With the advent of more affordable and reliable outdoor heating solutions, it’s now easier and cheaper than ever to heat your outdoor space, whether it be for commercial applications or private domestic use.

Infra red outdoor heaters are by far the safest option. The run off the mains power supply, and can be installed with a time delay switch, so that then can be used immediately, and as and when required. Infra red heaters provide instant heat, there is now warm up time required. This means they do not have to run for prolonged periods of time.

The units are very small and discreet, so they will not be unsightly. Because they provide direct radiational heat which can travel over a long distance, they can be mounted in a high position, minimising the rest of injury or tampering/vandalism.

Infra red electric heater are also completely silent, and do not produce a burning smell, meaning they are ideal for residential and outdoor areas like restaurants and bars. The heaters are also weather proof, so you don’t need to worry about protecting them from the rain.

We can supply and fit a range of outdoor heating solutions, so please contact our team for more information today.