With winter quickly approaching, and the days and nights getting noticeably colder, we ask, is it too early to put the central heating on?

Many people are holding back ,and leaving their heating off for as long as possible because of the rising energy costs.  In the past 3 years, an increase of nearly 30% has left many homes and businesses struggling, and with another increase this winter of around 9%, its going to be a tough year for many.

In order to save money, some people are having to resort to extreme measures, like leaving their heating off all together, wearing layer upon layer of clothing inside, and even turning to crime to feed the meter. but it needn’t be like this! We can help get your bills lower, for both domestic and commercial heating systems

Tips on keeping your home and business warmer this winter: Install loft and wall insulation, double glazed windows and check around all openings and cavities for draughts. For more advice and a free quotation on getting set for winter, call Commercial Heating Manchester on 0161 211 6955