It may sound too good to be true, but there is an energy revolution in our midst. We have all heard of bio-mass commercial heating in Manchester, but they traditionally run on wooden pellets. What about if we ran these industrial heating unit on waste? Well that’s exactly what Ricky Davies thought. Ricky is the managing director at Biomass Energy Coop, and came up with the idea of using existing technology in a revolutionary way. Whilst working as a manager at a gold club in Manchester, he observed the efforts of feeding their newly installed biomass heater, having to ship special wood pellets from half way across the world. The gold club was also producing a lot of biodegradable waste, especially grass cuttings.

Ricky thought why not combine the two, and having a background in renewable energy, he knew the technology quite well. And having made a few adaptations, they fed their heater with the waste, and before they knew it, they had their own self sustained commercial heating system.

But Ricky did’t stop there. Most businesses don’t have ready access to an unlimited supply of biodegradable waste, so he had to come up with another solution. Having done some research, he discovered that there were no UK distributors for biomass heating systems that were capable of burning a multitude of different materials. He went over to the Czech Republic and secured the UK rights for a special boiler system.

As a result, Mulibio was born, and quickly received certification under The Clean Air Act which allowed it to be used and recognised in the UK as a clean, renewable alternative energy source. The Multibio biomass furnaces are capable of creating energy by burning waste, but this can be any waste, from a landfill site for example.

There is still a long way to go to fully bring the system to market, and Ricky and his team of commercial heating engineers are rallying for funding through crowd funding websites.

We really hope they get the funding they need, as a waste-fueled biomass heating system would be revolutionary for the industrial heating in Manchester and our clients.