Wash Way Road Medical Centre Manchester contacted the commercial heating specialist team with the challenge to install a new heating system around the some 1300 people walking through the doors each day.

The current commercial heating system had failed and needed to be upgraded without causing the practice to go cold, create any noise or shut down of any water supplies. A plan was put in place to work from 6pm-6am throughout the night until work project was completed.

The existing commercial boiler was replaced with a new wall hung condensing boiler connected to new primary and secondary pump circuits. The existing controls were re-used as the management team new how to use these controls and didn’t want change. The whole system was drained down and while the new boiler was being installed all the existing radiators were power flushed with chemicals to ensure they were good as new. The new commercial boiler system was installed in just 2 days over a weekend leaving the practice warm, clean and looking like it was never touched by time the first patients walked back through the doors Monday morning.
Julie: Management Department – Thanks for sorting out our installation.  It went very well & would be happy to recommend you to others if needed”