​Traditional underfloor heating has long been the exclusive domain of wealth homeowners with larger properties, but with the advancement of technology, reduced production costs, and time saving fitting procedures, the systems are available now to a wider audience.

One particular industry taking advantage of this revelation is the commercial sector. Commercial properties both new and old can now benefit from the economical advantages of underfloor heating.

Our commercial heating engineers can provide innovative solutions to any industrial, private and public spaces, but we have noticed a rise in the installation of underfloor heating specified in architectural and engineers plans for new build commercial properties.

Underfloor heating is available in two forms for commercial applications: wet – which is hot water focused, and wired – which is electrically powered. There are advantages to both, and the right system depends on various factors, and the best option will be ascertained by an engineer.

The fitting of underfloor heating is made much easier when it comes to new build commercial development, as it can be installed at certain stages of the building construction, meaning there would be no need for any dismantling, it is just fitted in to empty floor space and the construction work just continues around the system once it is fitted.

We can provide a free consultation for fitting underfloor heating for new commercial developments, so please give our team a call today.