As you would with your home, the appliances and heating system should be regularly checked in your commercial property too.

Any appliance using gas should be checked as often as possible, and at least once a year. These appliances include cookers, boilers, fires and heaters, stoves, gas powered furnaces and even gas powered air conditioning. The main dangers are a faulty appliance can cause a Carbon Monoxide (CO) leak, and give you CO poisoning. This as well all know can be fatal. Because it’s an odourless and tasteless innocuous gas, it is extremely dangerous.

We recommend a CO level monitor, it will alert you to any potential leaks. Symptoms of a CO leak include dizziness, nausea, breathlessness and collapse.

Aside from CO leaks, gas leaks are also another potentially lethal problem. Gas leaks are much easier to spot, as gas is scented with a very distinctive smell. If a gas leak occurs and fills a room, a tiny spark is all it would take to ignite a catastrophic explosion. Gas leaks are to blame for the destruction of hundreds of properties including commercial and domestic buildings throughout the North West.

If you discover a leak you should immediately evacuate the area, and alert the authorities immediately. If safe ti do so, you should isolate the gas supply at the mains, and ventilate the area by opening windows.

You can often tell if a gas appliance is faulty by looking out for telltale signs, these include: a very weak and yellow flame as opposed to a strong blue flame, and suspect black marks around the appliance. If you see any of the signs you should cease the use it immediately.

​If you’re concerned about your commercial heating safety, give our team a call today, and we’ll send an engineer out.