​Saving money on your commercial heating costs is more important than ever. We look at ways in which you can reduce your businesses energy bills.

It seems to be quite a contentious issue, and one that has sparked debate between energy companies, engineers, experts and the general public. We did our own investigations to find out if leaving your commercial heating on all day at a low level is better that turning it on when you need it.

We spoke to British Gas as well as leading heating experts at the Energy Saving Trust for their view, we also compared and analysed data from real life examples.

Our findings have been unanimous, leaving your heating on all day to save money is a myth. By operating your commercial heating system in this way means you will increase your energy bills.

No commercial building is 100% energy efficient, even with double glazing and insulation, there will always be some degree of heat loss, so taking that into account, if your heating is on all day, you’ll be losing heat all day too.

The best advice we can give is to use your heaters timer so that the heating comes on at certain times. We also offer a range of app-controlled wireless systems that allow you to control your commercial heating from your smartphone. You can monitor and adjust the temperature, set timers and even control different zones, from anywhere in the world!

For more advice or to speak to us about our WiFi controlled commercial heating systems, call our friendly team today.