Whilst it may not be much of a concern for most of us, those who are fortunate enough to be able to have an outdoor heated pool in Manchester are raising their concerns to us about the rising heating prices, and with the annual cost of heating a pool ranging from £5000 to £10,000 per year, it’s understandable.

With Manchester’s GDP on the rise, and the influx of celebrities and athletes, mainly footballers, the number of times we are asked to look at pool heating has been increasing over the years.

Because of the huge volume of water in some of these pools, and the inherent nature at which they are appalling at keeping heat, a commercial heating system is required to deal with the job. It needs to produce a steady supply of heat often for prolonged periods of time, so a typical domestic boiler wouldn’t have the capacity, and simply wouldn’t be able to cope. Also reliability is a factor to consider, the heating system needs to work at full capacity, all of the time. If it unexpectedly shut down, the water would lose temperature very quickly, not idea if you’re hosting a pool party for all of your footballer mates.

The size of the pool and the usage time affects the type of system that would be best for your set up, either electric or gas powered – each has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. But there are some eco friendlier options out there, like geothermal and solar heating systems.

If you would like to reduce the running cost of heating your pool in Manchester, give us a call today and we can provide a free consultation service.