Although many people wouldn’t ordinarily associate Manchester with air conditioning, it would have been a welcome addition to their office this past week or so, with the temperature reaching a melting 32 degrees C, which is why our Manchester HVAC is so popular.

It’s been a record breaking summer, and with some parts of the country reaching temperatures hotter than the Sahara Desert, many found it too much to cope with. Even though the temperature fluctuates, it’s still forecast to maintain a steady heat, but with rain and storms also on the horizon, you can guarantee its going to be humming and uncomfortable.

Although we don’t need it all year round, our Manchester air conditioning installation services are more popular than ever. With global warming resulting in a more temperament climate, commercial buildings, especially offices, are investing in air conditioning. Keeping workers, staff and customers comfortable is essential to productivity and profitability. A hot and tired workforce is going to be less productive, and a hot sweaty customers is less likely to stay in the shop, let alone purchase anything.

We’ve heard of some offices actually closing early in the latest heatwave because temperatures were so unbearable, and this shows why air conditioning is so important. There are various different options, from stand alone units that can be installed in any space, and simply run off the mains electricity and can be independently controlled via a remote. Larger, industrial standard air conditioning installations are also available, and are more suited to larger office blocks or apartment buildings. These require more planning and installation, but are much cheaper to run, as the system shares the cold air feed throughout the building.

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