As you may well know, heating your commercial building in Manchester can be extremely expensive, with energy bills on the rise, and colder winters on the way, we show you how eco-friendly heating solutions can help reduce your expenditure, whilst helping the environment too.

Many smaller business are put off from going down the eco-friendly route, as they are worried that the initial costs can be very high, and many companies don’t have that kind of spare cash to invest in more long-term solutions, but that isn’t always the case, it isn’t always as expensive as people seem to think it is.


An ice cold breeze can creep in from almost anywhere, keeping these draughts at bay can save you loads of money. Heat can escape from gaps in doors, windows, chimneys, anywhere that is exposed to the outside world really. Blocking draughts can be done for next to nothing, even for free, so there’s no excuse not to do this.

Eco-Friendly appliances

It may seem small and trivial, but replacing your staff’s appliances in the canteen or break rooms can have a noticeable effect on the energy consumption. There are many different options available including eco-friendly kettles – just think how many brews are made in a day, it may be more that you think.

Keep an eye on the thermostat

By lowering the thermostat by just a couple of degrees will help massively in reducing your energy bills. You should also lower the temperature in the summer months so that heat is not wasted.


This is where the costs start increasing, but fitting double glazing and insulating the roofs and wall cavities if the most effective thing you can do to improve your energy efficiency and reduce heating costs.

Renewable energy solutions

Certainly the more costly option is to install renewable energy solutions. Devices like solar panels, wind turbines and ground source heat pumps are and completely self sustained energy generators. The upfront cost is high, but the long term rewards are great both for your cashflow and the environment.

If you’re concerned about the efficiency of your commercial heating in Manchester, give the experts a call today, and we can give you a free appraisal.