Making sure your industrial unit, warehouse or office is ready for the forthcoming winter cold is imperative, and Commercial Heating Manchester are advising you do it now, before it’s too late!

There are many ways your can ‘winterize’ you work space, and here are the top tips from our specialist heating engineers:

1. Ensure the building is well insulted.  The most important area is the ceiling/roof, because as we know, heat rises.  If the heat can escape easily, it is lost, and it takes a lot more effort to heat the area below.

2. Seal any gaps around doors, windows and any other entrances.  Even the smallest draught can cool a room down, and with the bitterly cold winter wind, that’s the last thing you want.

3. Cover your wall or window air conditioning vent (we’re not talking about the stand alone electrical units). If the system runs throughout the building, cold air can leak through, lowering the temperature in the room, even if the AC is switched off.

We can also provide a free heating consultation to ensure that your current heating system is working as efficiently as it should be, as well as free estimates for installing a new system for you. So for more info, call us now on 0161 211 6955