Commercial heating Manchester do it again with this very special heating system. The client, Pepperl+Fuchs International who are an industrial sensors manufacturer had asked for very particular commercial heating needs with a zonal system spilt into 13 areas.

Each area had to have its own room temperature due to different types of sensors and controls being produced and tested. The existing commercial boilers was costing around £3,000 per month to run, so changes needed to be made to reduce the cost, but most importantly not allow the heating to drop in the required areas. Our commercial heating design team came up with a plan to install the new commercial heating system in stages allowing the new boilers to be installed around the old existing system.

One by one the old zones were shut down while at the same time opening up and connecting in the new commercial zone heating system. The whole works took 4 engineers 7 days to complete and our commercial control engineer 2 days. The directors and maintenance team were then able to control the whole system from their smart phone, tablet or PC. The north west’s number one commercial heating and plumbing engineers provided a design spec, stuck with it and achieved it.

Head of maintenance – Steven “We didn’t think it was going to be possible to keep all areas of the building at the correct temperatures while the boiler exchange took place but you did it. Fantastic job guys”