An ultra modern wireless heating system has been installed by our team of commercial heating engineers at The Salafi Centre mosque in Manchester.

The mosque contacted the Commercial Heating Specialists and tasked us with the job of updating their old and failing heating system. There was a lot of work to be completed, including the replacement of old boilers, water pipes and even the gas pipes which fuelled the entire system. Once our engineers assessed the building and the owners’ requirements, we suggested a zoned heating system, because some areas of the mosque were used more than others. As with any traditional religious building of this type, it was split in half, one side for men, and one for women.

After installing two new boilers for each side of the building and running new pipework throughout, it was time to tackle the most important issue. Using state of the art technology, the heating system can be controlled wirelessly using Nest’s latest digital control unit. This also allowed independent heating of the two zones, and because of the lower usage time of the women’s section, an automatic sensor was installed, so that the heating only came on when the room was occupied. The system is activated as soon as someone enters the room, meaning there is no wasted heat, saving energy and money.

With the new system, hot water is made available immediately, and therefor the need to store hot water is removed. This saves a lot of money, and means expensive immersion systems and insulated extra tanks are not required.

The mosque owners are delighted with their new system: “Alhamdulilaah our heating systems are being updated. This saves us money in the long term, and also makes it much more convenient for those who attend. Jazaakumallahukhair to all who have contributed, indeed with Allah is the best of rewards”