Charles House is a large and impressive multi story office block in Manchester. The managers of the Eccles based property contacted the number one commercial heating business in the North West with the challenge of heating their office. The current boilers was situated on the roof and no other company had the know-how of how to undertake the such a large operation.

Collaboration with all departments was the key to success on this job, and a plan was drawn up by the company directors and our estimating team, The existing commercial boilers was broken into sections and craned down during the weekend. At the same time the sections of a new commercial boiler would be lifted up and into position were they was then carried and re-built in place.

The breakdown of the old boilers and re-build of the new took just 4 days including the weekend so that there was limited “heating off” time and the hundreds of office staff were not affected. 

Our own in house commercial gas and electrical engineers then started to connect all the existing pipes and controls allowing the system to all run as before, but this time more efficiently, reliably and cheaply.

The building management team, owners and directors were delighted with our work, and gave praise to our commercial heating engineers who all did an excellent job.
MD John Carter – “A very smooth and stressful free transition from the old to new system. No staff complaints which is always a bonus”