As you may have heard, the future of Manchester Town Hall is hanging in the balance, and it would be a terrible shame to let this iconic 170 year old building fall by the wayside.

A series of surveys have concluded that the building itself is actually very structurally sound, and will not need any work doing to the foundations or supports, the exterior facade is also in excellent condition, but the problems lie within the internal issues. Improvements are required to future proof the building and prevent any decline. There are significant works required to improve access in public areas and to meet current health and safety legislation.

As part of this improvement work, the industrial heating system needs to be addressed. Currently it is unreliable and inefficient. It needs a complete overhaul, and an industrial standard system is required in order to effectively provide heat to the large building. The carbon footprint is too high, and the running costs are currently unsustainable. 

The estimated cost for the essential work is estimated at £250m, but there is a lot of extra work that can be done in order to make the building more commercially viable, like housing offices and retail space which would bring in some much needed revenue, making the town hall more self sufficient by earning money from rent.

If funding is granted, work will start in 2019, and is estimated to take 4 years to complete. We are hoping funding will be granted to keep this beautiful building a part of our city, hopefully for a further 200 years.