Commercial Heating Manchester has heard of yet another report of fuel theft, and upon further investigation it appears that theft is a rising problem, and that the rural community is the worst affected.

Crime rates are on the up, and is directly linked to the soaring energy prices.  Many of Britain’s rural housing is run off solid fuel, natural gas or LPG.  Some 4 million homes use natural gas, and it’s twice as expensive as using a mains gas supply.  These houses don’t have the option for a connection to the mains because of their remote locations, so they don’t have a choice. Domestic and Commercial heating costs are spiralling out of control.

Because of this necessity for using external fuel supply, and the staggering prices, more and more people are having to take extreme measures to heat their homes, and in essence, survive the winter.

We can sympathise with those struggling with the high price of fuel, but theft isn’t justifiable.  We recommend taking extra security measures such as locking fuel tanks in locked cages, fitting locking caps to tanks, and even extra lighting will all help as deterrents to prospective thieves.