Well known for their high technology engineering solutions for metal cutting and grinding applications in the UK and across Europe, NCMT Ltd needed HeatinGlobal’s help with their commercial central heating system.

After a visit to their commercial property in Bury it was clear to our engineers the commercial boiler needed replacing sooner rather than later. After a thorough inspection from our specialist commercial heating engineer, our plan was to relocate the commercial boiler and upgrade to the ventilation system, this was so a balanced flue high efficiency condensing commercial boiler could be installed and a further 5-10kw of heat could be given.

Some basic plumbing work was also required to provide some much needed hot water in the toilet area. A filter was also added to keep the internal pipes clear after doing a full commercial heating power flush. The install took 3 days to get the old commercial heating system out and the new commercial heating system in causing little disruption to the work place and its employee’s.
Office manager – Margaret “Thanks for all your help with regards to our new office heating system. We no longer need to wear our coats in doors. Thanks a bunch”