Replacing tips

Hot water installations should be installed at the same time with the installation of water or when the construction of houses. Here, 4 tip for getting the best results:

Determine the hot water tap point

The determination of this point can be adjusted as needed. Generally, the hot water needed in the bathroom, kitchen, and sink. After that, specify the location of the water heater. This stage is important to calculate required water pipe installation and determine the installation path. To reduce costs, specify the path / the shortest distance between point faucets with the water heater.

Determine Model heater

 Selecting heater should be adjusted to the needs. If only for a shower and sink, simply select tank capacity of 10 liters. This tool can be installed in the bathroom so the pressing needs of the pipe. Larger tank capacity (more than 30 liters) is required if the hot water tap point more. The device should be placed outdoors, especially if you choose a gas heater.

Choosing the installation of the pipe material

High water temperatures potentially damage some materials. For hot water, you should use a heat-resistant material and high pressure to heat being able to use PVC pipe. It’s best to use special copper piping hot water installations. Copper pipe is the most popular material is applied as a hot water pipe installation. In addition to copper, there is an iron material which is thicker and stronger. However, iron has disadvantages as well, iron inflexible. The connections are vulnerable to leaking. The inside can rust, so the water is dirty and smelly. He proposed as his successor could be used pipe types XLPE / PEX.

Connect the heater to the pipe installation

 After the heater mounted on the wall, connect the input / output hole to the installation of the water heater. Connect the input hole to pipe installation supplier, while the output holes (exhaust hot water) to the hot water pipe installation. Use a flexible pipe to be more practical and easier. We recommend that you put a stop tub between the second flexible pipes with water installations.

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