£1.2 billion has been spent on improving energy efficiency in homes over the past 10 years for 40,000 council houses in Glasgow.  The initiative which was set up by GHA has been a success, but now with energy prices increased by over 150%, it is now a real concern that even more investment will have to be made.

With heating costs on the rise, the initial investment by the housing authority to improve the energy efficiency of homes in the region will need to be reviewed.  The money was put towards energy saving innitiatives such as insulation, more efficient equipment, and money toward heating bills, but the high increase in fuel bills means its now simply not enough.

According to statistics, even though energy bills are on the increase, not many people are switching suppliers or shopping around for better deals.  This could be to do with the fact that many people simply do not know what to do or how to go about it, also with recent stories of people being caught out with complicated contracts and tariffs, it’s no wonder householders are reluctant.

With no end in sight for the energy prices growing, the government will be under increasing pressure to help those most vulnerable, like the elderly and the poor.

Our advice for commercial heating and domestic heating is to shop around for the best heating deal, invest in energy saving devices and of course have your heating system checked up on a regular basis.