Underfloor heating for your business can be much more cost effective, and generate a much more evenly distributed source of heat than a traditional radiator or hot air based systems.

Underfloor heating is very simple in principal, a closed network of piping runs tightly packed underneath the floor, constantly pumping hot water around.  In practice, it’s a very complex installation process, which involves uplifting the entire flooring, arranging the lengths of pipes, fitting it to the heating unit, circulating the water, wiring, plumbing and finally re-installing the floor.  

Because of the work that is required to fit underfloor heating it can be quite costly, and price depends on the size of the system required.  Savings are made in the running of the system. It is extremely cost effective, low maintenance and incredibly reliable.  The heat from the system is evenly distributed throughout the rooms, and the temperature is easily adjustable.

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