Islington Council have announced plans to use excess heat from London’s underground to warm up homes and businesses above.  

It’s a multi million pound scheme championed by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, that utilises wasted energy and recycles it to heat the buildings above.

The scheme will save five hundred tonnes on waste CO2 going into the atmosphere every single year, which is environmentally friendly.  The heat from the tubes and electrical transfer systems will be harnessed via ducting, and circulated around piping through the buildings above, so it will be completely save, and there will be no bad smells!

The wase heat captured will be enough to heat over seven hundred homes and businesses, and if successful, the scheme will be rolled out into other parts of the capital.  This means that people will be able to reduce their energy bills, and not have to use their central heating as much.

It sounds like a great idea to us!