The worlds biggest fast food chain contacted Commercial heating of Manchester to install a new commercial hot water system. The existing hot water system was out dated and having endless issues including breaking down and dripping into the customer area below.

We like nothing more than a nice hot McDonalds breakfast before a busy day of installing, repairing and maintaining Manchester’s commercial heating systems, so it was a great opportunity to work on our favourite fast food restaurant, and this one in Bolton town centre was in need of our help.

As with any public building and most importantly a food chain it was essential to install a reliable hot water system that could be regulated at the outlets. The decision was made to install a new direct fired hot water system to ensure the fast food chain would never run out of hot water.

The existing tank was drained down in the early hours of the morning and removed to allow for the new appliance to be fitted. The new heater was installed, piped up and was all up and running before the first set of customers turned up at 6am for breakfast. A team of 4 engineers were put on the installation to ensure the project didn’t over run into opening hours of the restaurant.

Restaurant manager Lee: “Thanks for a great and speedy job, just the sort of company we can rely on”