With more and more building requiring commercial heating retrofits, now is the perfect time to consider working as commercial heating engineer in this exciting sector.

Because of new legislation with regards to carbon emissions produced by commercial and industrial buildings, there is a very real need for re-fits and upgrades to heating systems, not just in manchester, but throughout the world, and in a industry worth $20bn globally, it’s not a small job.

But what does it take to become a commercial heating engineer? Well there are a couple of different routs to take, you can study at college, but we think the mose successful candidates are the ones that start as apprentices, and if you work for a firm that offers training too, you’re pretty much guaranteed a position in next to no time.

To be fully qualified can take a couple of years, but because as an apprentice you’re earning whilst you’re learning, it makes much more sense to work this way. It’s also great for employers, they get help on projects, at a significantly cheaper rate, some of which is subsidised by the government.

An interest in engineering is essential, you should always love the work you do, and if you’re getting paid to do something you enjoy then your job satisfaction will be much higher.

One thing we enjoy is the various different places we get to travel to, and how no two jobs are the same. it’s hard work, but extremely rewarding too.

If you’re considering a career as a commercial heating engineer, or you’re looking for a new challenge, send us your CV and we’ll happily consider any application.